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        Author: yisainuo Time: 2020-06-10 18:57:52

        Project Status

        Project Name: Shanxi Houma magnetic separation production line

        Equipment configuration: jaw crusher, tilting feeder, ball mill, classifier, high-frequency screen, magnetic separator, thickener and dryer.

        Processing materials: iron ore

        Production capacity: 500 tons / day

        Project Introduction:

        The iron ore magnetic separation production line uses three sections of a closed-circuit process, the basic dressing process for the stage of grinding or continuous grinding - weak magnetic separation - high gradient strong magnetic separation - anion reverse flotation process. In addition, according to its embedded degree, grade, mineral composition of gangue and other ore properties, the design of the thickness of sorting process, coarse particles can be re-election, but also because of the concentrate containing S, P exceeded, you must increase the flotation process impurity . Before determining the process, it is best to do a small dressing test to increase reliability.

        After beneficiation, iron concentrate grade reached more than 64%, SiO2 content is generally controlled below 6%, S, P and other toxic elements content reached the standards set by the state and steel companies.

        Client feedback

        The iron ore magnetic separation production line with high efficiency, low energy, high throughput, economic and other advantages.