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        Author: yisainuo Time: 2020-06-10 18:57:21

        Production capacity: 400t / h-800t / h

        Equipment configuration: jaw crusher, limestone counterattack break, round vibrating screen, silo, vibrating feeder and so on.

        Process Introduction

        Limestone crushing production line is a special stone processing production line for crushing minerals such as limestone and limestone. It can crush or crush limestone into all kinds of granular stones meeting the production requirements. It has little over-crushing phenomenon and is beneficial to the later limestone depth Processing. Limestone crushing production line process is roughly as follows: The first primary crushing, limestone raw material chunks through silos, vibrating feeder evenly fed to the jaw crusher for primary crushing, after primary crushing of the material and by Vibrating feeder sieve small materials from the belt conveyor to the impact crusher; followed by the broken and crushed, delivered to the counterattack broken rough crushed material after counter-crushing, the use of vibrating sieve after counter-crushing Shattered crushed limestone is screened: Larger granular limestone is returned to the counter-broken broken again, and grain-level qualified materials are graded and transported by conveyor to different stockpiles for storage or transported directly to the construction site by truck.

        Program advantage

        1. As for the gravel material, after the limestone crushing production line is treated, the grain size of the limestone product is mostly a cube, which is good for the later processing of the limestone.

        2. Process, the production line process is simple, and scientific and rational, smooth operation;

        3. Equipment configuration, Henan kunxun machine designed limestone crushing production line full set of equipment, reasonable configuration, equipment with reasonable, is conducive to the smash limestone.

        jaw crusher